Novalis Tx

Novalis TX

Novalis Tx is one the newest technologies available to radiation oncologists. A common misconception is that radiosurgery requires an incision. The reality is that radiosurgery uses a targeted, external radiation beam designed to shrink a tumor, or interfere with its ability to grow. The process is painless, noninvasive and has few side effects. Conventional radiation therapy requires multiple doses at lower levels because while attacking cancerous growths, it also can destroy normal, healthy tissue. Radiosurgery, however, can be delivered in a single dose because of its focus directly on the tumor, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue, allowing for a significantly higher dose of radiation.

Spine SRS

The Novalis Tx's accuracy and power allows for a shorter treatment time and a more patient-friendly process. Other treatment may require restraints and can last up to four hours with older technologies. The Novalis Tx is a frameless radiosurgery. It can perform the same procedure, without the need for painful or invasive restraints, and in a fraction of the time.

The targeted beam of radiation is shaped identically to match the patient's tumor, ensuring the least amount of healthy tissues will be damaged. It also has the ability to rotate its guided treatment beam 360-degrees around the patient. Since the entire process is done on an outpatient basis and is restraint-free, you are able to resume your normal day as soon as you walk out our doors! Jefferson Radiation Oncology was among the first five hospitals in the United States to begin treating patients with the Novalis Tx.