Mammosite and Interstitial Breast Brachytherapy

Here at Jefferson Radiation Oncology, we treat many women with breast cancer. Women with localized, early-stage breast cancer are often offered radiation to decrease there risk of local recurrence. Women may elect partial breast irradiation. Partial breast irradiation is a way to reduce the risk of breast cancer from returning by treating only part of the involved breast, usually the surgical bed (the lumpectomy cavity) plus an appropriate margin.

Mammosite and multi-catheter partial breast irradiation

Our Department offers Mammosite partial breast irradiation. This a well-tolerated way to rapidly complete radiation therapy following surgery. With Mammosite partial breast irradiation, a balloon catheter is placed into the surgical bed, and radiation is delivered only to the lumpectomy cavity.

Our Department is also among the few Radiation Oncology Departments in the region that offer partial breast irradiation therapy via interstitial catheters. This approach allows certain patients who do are not candidates for Mammosite or good candidates for standard external beam irradiation to undergo partial breast irradiation.