Lung SRS

Lung stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is available at East Jefferson and is most suitable for small lung cancers (clinical T1 or small T2 lesions.) Though surgery is the gold standard for localized primary lung cancer, sometimes patients with lung cancer cannot safely undergo surgery. Lung SRS involves delivering a very accurate, high, focused dose of radiation to a lung tumor with the aim of definitive controlling the lesion. This dose exceeds the dose that can be provided with conventional radiation therapy, and requires integrating state of the art imaging, immobilization, motion compensation, and treatment delivery.

Recent randomized studies have shown excellent tumor control rates. Our physicians commonly treat these lesions in either three or four radiation sessions, which usually take less than one hour per session. As the vast majority of patients who receive lung SRS are not surgical candidates, the outpatient, non-invasive, and potentially curative nature of this treatment make it an excellent choice for selected patients.