Liver and Body Radiosurgery

Body radiosurgery is an emerging field in which high doses of precise, conformal radiation therapy are used to treat lesions in the mediastinum, liver, retroperitoneum, or pelvis. Advanced technology in radiation planning and delivery enables our physicians to treat with an unprecedented degree of safety and precision. The non-invasive nature of radiosurgery makes it an option for patients who are medically and anatomically inoperable.

An exciting application of body radiosurgery is to address primary liver tumors and liver metastases. Traditionally, patients with liver metastases have not been candidates for radiation due to the limited tolerance of the liver to radiation. However, recent data has shown good control of liver lesions with stereotactic radiosurgery. Most patient in these studies had already exhausted other options including surgery, ablation, and chemotherapy. Liver SRS opens up new treatment avenues to the patients fighting cancer in the liver.