Gynecologic Brachytherapy

Our physicians have expertise and an excellent track record in using gynecologic brachytherapy to cure cancers of the female reproductive track. Gynecologic brachytherapy involves placing radiation sources in or near the tumor, so that radiation is given to exactly where it is needed. We typically use CT planning, which enables us to monitor and control doses to important normal structures such as the bladder and rectum. We have experience in both interstitial and intercavitary and HDR and LDR gynecologic brachytherapy. 

For endometrial cancer, brachytherapy is usually delivered in the weeks following surgery and has been showed to substantially reduce the risk of the cancer recurring. Brachytherapy is a critical component of curing cervical cancer and is used either after external beam radiation therapy or surgery. Even fairly large cervical cancers are potentially curable with a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and brachytherapy. Gynecologic brachytherapy can also be used to palliative symptoms, such as vaginal bleeding.